Spring Creek Correctional Center

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springcreekSpring Creek Correctional Center is a prison facility for male inmates that require maximum control and monitoring. It is located in Seward, Alaska, just south of Anchorage, the northernmost city in the United States.

Spring Creek Correctional Center is surrounded by national parks and can house over 500 inmates. It is a long-term facility, and most of the inmates have committed violent crimes which will likely cause them to spend the rest of their lives in confinement.There are 200 staff members working there on a permanent basis.

Two inmates tried to escape in the early 1990s but were soon recaptured. Ten years later there was another escape attempt but it was not successful. One of the most notable inmates housed at Spring Creek Correctional Center is Robert Hansen, a notorious serial killer convicted of killing numerous women around the area of Anchorage. roberthansen