South Dakota State Penitentiary

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South-Dakota-State-PenitentiaryThe South Dakota State Penitentiary is a state prison situated in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It is a prison facility of maximum security where the most dangerous criminals and sex offenders in the state are confined.

The South Dakota State Penitentiary is also where South Dakota’s death row inmates live, and it also contains the only execution chamber in the state. It is a thirty-acre prison facility that was first built as a territorial prison in the beginning of the 1880s, and in 1889 it became a State prison. The main facility at South Dakota State Penitentiary has 3 housing units. The Jameson Annex has three additional housing units within a secure perimetral fence and a minimum security unit.

Inmates can be employed at the prison for institutional support (such as the food service, as clerks, as cell orderlies or performing maintenance tasks) or within the prison industries, such as printing highway signs or license plates, or working in the machine shop, book binding or performing electronic data entry. Most of the work the inmates do is for government agencies. Inmates who cannot read or write are offered literacy programs and Adult Basic Education programs.