Patuxent Institution

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Patuxent-InstitutionPatuxent Institution is a maximum security penitentiary facility located in Jessup, Maryland. It houses over 900 male and female inmates that receive highly varied services.

Patuxent Institution is notable as the first and only institution for sentenced criminals that is not under control of the Maryland Division of Correction. It became operational in 1955 as a unique place where the most dangerous criminals in Maryland could be housed. The stated mission was to ensure public safety by providing repeat offenders with psychotherapeutic treatment, becoming one of the early “treatment-oriented” facilities.

Full time clinicians, psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers are part of the permanent staff of this penitentiary, along with the necessary custody personnel. In the early 1990s, the Correctional Mental Health Center of Jessup was set up as part of Patuxent Institution so that inmates could be provided with a more efficiently coordinated and centralized treatment environment that is customized and tailored to the increasing inmates’ needs.

There are also special programs that have been developed for younger offenders, where treatment pivots around working on the individual’s personal deficits rather than on their overall identity.