Oregon State Penitentiary

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oregon-state-penitentiaryOregon State Penitentiary, also known as OSP, was the first state prison of Oregon. In the mid 1800s it was situated in Portland, but in 1866 it was relocated to Salem, where it was enclosed by a fence made of reinforced concrete wall with an average height of over 7 meters.

Oregon State Penitentiary is also the only maximum security prison in Oregon. Inmates that require the strictest and highest vigilance are housed in special units and there are also units for disciplinary segregation, inmates that suffer from psychiatric problems and for those that have received the death penalty.
Oregon State Penitentiary is a male only facility where inmates are housed in individual cells or, occasionally, with two men in each cell if there is a need to increase the prison’s capacity. From 1964 to the last months of 2010, it had a free-standing minimum security facility that could accommodate almost 200 male inmates who performed different tasks and jobs outside the security fence of the prison.