Northpoint Training Center

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Northpoint-Training-CenterNorthpoint Training Center is located near Danville, Kentucky. It is a penitentiary facility of medium security. It was inaugurated in the the early 1980’s and can house more than 1200 inmates.

Although it was originally designed as a mental hospital, from 1941 until 1946 it was under control of the US Army, used as a medical care center devoted to soldiers that suffered from psychiatric diseases. In 1983 it was once again controlled by the state, under the Kentucky Department of Corrections.

Northpoint Training Center is a 551-acre complex that consists of 50 structures and can house quite around 1200 inmates divided into: general population (medium security), special management inmates, and a minimum security area that holds almost 50 prisoners. This penitentiary facility is kept secured by a double fence that is almost 4 meters high with razor wire on the bottom and on top.

This institution made media headlines following a riot in 2009 where several buildings were set on fire by inmates. The damage was so extensive that many of the inmates had to be transferred to other prisons.