My husband is in prison, now what?

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prisonerHaving a relative in prison can be a hard experience for anybody. But when the inmate is your husband, things can get extremely difficult for their wives and children, especially if they cannot cope efficiently with the situation and they have restrictive means to keep up with their daily life and duties.

While your husband is in prison, you are supposed to wait for him at home, keeping your children happy and educated and making your best effort to deal with the stressing visits to the prison facility. Odds are that you have to face serious problems. Financial, social, emotional and personal issues may arise and many a time you have to deal with them by yourself. You are supposed to pay the bills, take care of your children and make sure that their daily routine is not significantly altered. They already have to undergo the stressing situation of not seeing their dads daily and feel the stigmatization at school.

Many women grieve their husbands in prison just as if they have recently became a widower, with the main difference that a widower can always move forward but a prison wife finds doing this extremely difficult. Her husband is still out there but she cannot share her life with him. And she cannot make friends or socialize less even make new male friends as she feels that she is not being faithful to her husband. And unfortunately there are no support networks for prison wives you can rely on to make the process easier and help you cope with it better.

If you are a prison wife, you should take one day at a time. Devote yourself to small daily projects and goals that are easy to reach and provide you with a sense of fulfillment.
Keeping a diary where you can freely and openly write about your feelings is also highly advisable. It can be the only chance you have to be sincere about what is going on in your heart and head. Keep pictures of your husband all around the house if you feel like it.
Receive religious support or join a charitable organization. It helps you feel that you are giving back something to society. Start a hobby. It will keep your body and mind busy and for many prison wives their hobbies have even become a source of income.

Needless to say, keep in touch with your husband. Write letters and cards to him, magazine clippings he may like and, if you can, accept phone calls from him. Take pictures of you and your family and send them to him. Remember that he is also missing you and his family very much.