Learn to Achieve Good Time Credit

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prisonerInmates know that good time credit can have a great positive impact in their sentence. Many of them can see that their sentence is reduced if they have good time credit. But, what is it? Good time credit is time you earn in your favor once you are in jail for every day that guards do not have to call your attention, you do not get into trouble and you do as you are told.

If this is your first time in prison, you know that being in jail can be a stressing and depressing experience. Learning to survive in it is one of the first things you should know. And behaving yourself properly and avoiding trouble are two basic steps towards a somewhat calm time in prison.

In order to achieve good time credit it is highly advisable that you always obey prison officers and guards. Every day they fill in a book with the names and numbers of the prisoners that they had to call their attention and if your name appears on the list you may be not only deprived of benefits or be sent to punishment cells but also be penalized with a longer sentence.

Attending lessons, from educational groups or vocational training, is also a great way of achieving good time credit. Being in a class shows that you are committed to changing your life and that you have discovered that committing crimes leads you to nowhere.
Federal prisons offer almost 55 days of time off for good behavior per year and state prisons offer you almost the same benefits. Some state s offer you up to 15 days per month for good behavior.