Indiana Women’s Prison

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Indiana-Womens-PrisonIndiana Women’s Prison is famous for being the first correctional facility in the United States dedicated to adult female inmates. It is located quite close to Indianapolis. It was established in the early 1870’s. According to the statistics, there were over 400 inmates housed there in 2005; most of them where pregnant, geriatric, mentally ill and juvenile females sentenced as adults. Inmates at Indiana Women’s Prison required both medium to maximum security needs and there are women who are waiting death row.

When it was inaugurated, this prison facility was the first maximum security female correctional facility in the country. Formerly, female convicts were imprisoned in male facilities and, as they suffered from abuse from male guards, they were transferred to a facility especially made for them.

Dana Blank, one of the superintendent at Indiana Women’s Prison, started treating women holistically in 1990. Because of the extremely high abuse rate among incarcerated women, she made a great effort to provide a nurturing and safe environment for the women. She also began the prison’s visitation program and summer camp in order to promote mother-child bonding.

According to the latest statistics, of the 430 inmates housed in this prison facility, more than 50% were white, about a 45% sere black and the rest were Hispanic, Asian/Pacific and American Indian. There are white and black staff members working there permanently.