How Do American Women Deal With Prison Time?

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prisonWomen play a very important role in society. They are busy moms or house wives who also spend their time working in schools, clubs and business organizations of all kinds and sizes. Lots have been written and said about how important women are in nowadays society but it seems to be a taboo to discuss a rarely spoken issue: women in prison. Why are there so many American women put in jail?

Worldwide statistics show that the United States of America have the largest inmate population across the world. And women are a great part of those numbers. In fact, a study developed by the New York Correctional Association has proved that the number of female sex inmates in New York prison facilities has increased almost a 650% between the early seventies and 2007. These women are daughters, wives, sisters and mothers who try to go on playing the role they are supposed to play In their family. But how can they manage?
In many occasions, these women’s children are raised by their grandparents who, many a time, do not have the patience or means to take care of them. Most children from female inmates feel abandoned and suffer from confusion and low self esteem, which may lead in the end to making them more prone to committing crimes when they reach adolescence or adulthood.

On average, female inmates are in prison for having committed non violent crimes such as drug or property crimes. Therefore, they are more dangerous to themselves than to the community. Therefore, it is highly advisable that every effort is made to provide these women with educational and vocational training facilities instead of putting them in jails where they are deprived of being with their children and they cannot do anything to improve and change their situation. Women in prison should be provided with the skills that enable them to lead productive lives once they are released and they have served their sentence.