David Hendricks

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david-hendricks-lawyerDavid Hendricks is a famous American inmate that originally lived in Bloomington, IL. He was convicted of killing his wife, along with their three children, in the mid 1980s, but was later on acquitted during a retrial. According to the media in the first days of November 1983, while he was away on a business trip, his family was found murdered in their home, and an axe and a butcher’s knife were found at the scene of the crime.

David was found guilty. Because he belonged to the exclusive branch of a conservative Christian sect called Plymouth Brethren, the prosecution tried to link the murders to his belief that divorce was a sin, and argued that Hendricks believed he could escape his marriage by murdering his wife and kids.

Despite the facts that two weapons were found, and that the pattern of blood spatters pointed to two perpetrators, the prosecution argued for Hendricks’ sole guilt. At the same time, his lawyers missed some key pieces of evidence that may have helped avoid his conviction.

David Hendricks was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences. He served less than ten years in Menard Correctional Center, located in Illinois. While he was imprisoned there he got married again, and in 1991, he was acquitted and released after a retrial at the McLean County Law and Justice Center in Bloomington.

He is now divorced from his second wife and is believed to live in Florida, where he continues to run a private business.