Auburn Correctional Facility

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auburn-correctional-facilityAuburn Correctional Facility is state prison that is situated in Auburn, New York. It is built on land that used to belong to the Cayuga Indian village. Auburn Correctional Facility houses inmates that require maximum monitoring and surveillance.
It was built in 1816 and, at that time, it was the second state prison in the state. Here, the first execution via electric chair took place in1890. In the 1970’s it was renamed as its current name. This prison facility is not only popularly known for its historical importance but also because of the statue of a colonial soldier that stands atop the apex.
This prison facility is also well famous across the United States for its “Auburn System” which aimed at modifying the schedule of prayer, contemplation and humane conditions with hard labor and work. Inmates housed there had to work during the day and the profits of their labor helped to support the prison. Criminals were segregated by the area which they occupied and the clothes they wore. Prisoners wore the now traditional uniform of white and black stripes and the inmates had to keep between each other a straight separation while walking.
Silence was compulsory all throughout the day and at night inmates slept in individual cells.