Al Capone, The Most Famous Alcatraz Inmate

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al-caponeAl Capone was born in the late 1890s and died in the late 1940s. He was a famous American gangster and led a Prohibition-era crime syndicate that devoted themselves to smuggling and bootlegging liquor as well as organizing prostitution in the 1920s up to 1931.

He was born in Brooklyn, New York, and became related to gang activity when he was still young. Prohibition laws were passed while Al Capone was in his early twenties, and he moved to Chicago in order to take advantage of the new opportunity to make money smuggling alcohol.

Although he devoted himself to illegal activities, he became a notable public figure, and many people considered him a 20th century “Robin Hood” as he donated money he had made from his activity to charitable organizations. However, his philanthropic reputation was seriously damaged when people discovered he had taken part in the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre, where seven of his rival gang members were killed.

His reign ended after he was found guilty of tax evasion and sent to serve his sentence at a federal prison; part of which was served at Alcatraz federal prison. Following his conviction, he was sent to Atlanta U.S. Penitentiary, a tough federal prison, but was able to obtain special privileges. Later on he was transferred to the Lincoln Heights Jail and then he was transferred to Alcatraz, where he had tight security and he had no contact at all with the outside world. Capone was paroled in 1939, but his health had already begun deteriorating. He died of pneumonia in 1947 while resting in his Florida home.