Rikers Island

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rikersislandRikers Island is the most prominent jail complex in New York City. It is situated on Rikers Island, in the East River both close to Queens and Bronx and next to the airport of La Guardia.

Rikers Island is under the New York City Department of Correction and has an annual budget of more than $850 million. Over 7 thousand officers and about 1500 civilians work there every day to control an inmate population of about 15,000 individuals.
As a jail complex, there are different prison facilities on Rikers Island. Some, such as Geroge R. Vierno Center and Bantum house are only for male adults. The Eric M Taylor center receives only male adolescents and adults that have been sentenced. Davoren is only for inmates who are 16 to 18 years old. Female adolescents and adults are housed in Singer. Inmates who require medical attention are sent to North Infirmary and the West Facility is used for inmates that require special medical attention, especially prisoners who suffer from contagious diseases.

There are ten jails in this prison complex and these jails are occupied by local offenders who are still waiting for trial, those who cannot afford bail (or have not been granted bail by a judge), offenders who serve sentences of one year or less, and others who are waiting to be transferred to other long-term facilities. Relatives and friends of the inmates can access Rikers Island through a bus service that runs around the clock as a service provided by the NYC Department of Correction.