Mule Creek State Prison

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mulecreekMule Creek State Prison is located in the State of California, in the county of Ione. It received its first inmates toward the end of 1987. Although it has a capacity of just over 1700, the prison has typically held around 4000 inmates. There are 1124 staff members working permanently there and it receives an annual budget of $135 million.

Within Mule Creek State Prison, criminal offenders are provided with a safe, disciplined and secure environment in which they have the opportunity not only to pay for the crimes they have committed against the community but also to receive the rehabilitation they need.

This American prison attempts to hold inmates accountable for their behavior, affect positive change and provide programs and opportunities that will prepare inmates to successfully re-enter society. There are different inmate programs available at Mule Creek State Prison that that primarily serve to provide inmates with tools and adequate knowledge to enable them to make a legally earn a living once out of the prison system. Some of the most popular programs among the prisoners are coffee roasting, meat processing, auto mechanics, air conditioning, working with electronics, office services, adult basic education, religious programs and self-help programs.