Monroe Correctional Complex

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMonroe Correctional Complex is a four unit correctional facility located in the state of Washington that houses inmates which require anywhere from close custody (meaning that they have constant, armed supervision) to long-term minimum security prisoners. There is room for almost 900 inmates and they are distributed in two different cellblocks: the A-B wing and the C-D wing.

There is a segregation unit at Monroe Correctional Complex also referred to as Cell Block 3 that has room for 80 beds which are occupied by those inmates that have to be separated from the general population of the complex for any given reason. In addition, there is an inpatient hospital that can be also used by other correctional facilities in Washington. It is a sophisticated medical care center that can provide inmates with high quality health care; oftentimes better than what an uninsured civilian could expect.

Inmates at Monroe Correctional Complex enjoy vocational classes such as information technology and printing. Some selected inmates are chosen to participate in a special youth program supervised by staff members that is offered to high school students that aims to prevent young people from making poor choices. Inmates at this correctional facility can also perform certain jobs such as kitchen work, maintenance, laundry services, janitorial and clerical.