Life In The Prisons

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lifeinprisonsAccording to cons, it all begins with a ‘diesel tour’. Criminals and offenders are picked up at the local sheriff’s office by a prison bus, which symbolizes one of many discomforting factors of prison life. After being arrested the next thing which a person has to await is either bail or trail. The trails prove to be one of the worst night mares of common offenders who are forced to wait for months or even years for their day of freedom to come.

Once the new comers arrive at their designated home prison, the real torture begins. At first, they have to face the inspection team, at whose hands they are stripped, disinfected and subjected to an overly-thorough inspection just to make sure they aren’t carrying any unauthorized items. Their possessions are snatched away, boxed up and catalogued and they aren’t permitted to take even a few necessities along with them into their new torture grounds.

Next, they come into contact with the cons, which refer to them as fish. They are then transferred to the ‘fish tanks’ were they wait for several days until the prison officials find them a proper room, and possibly assign them a prison job. These menial jobs, requiring unlimited labor, are performed for only as little as 10 cents per hour.

Prison overcrowding is becoming more and more and common, leading to stuffing and congestion. A typical prison cell is designed for 1 person, with 1 metal bunk and 1 toilet, but due the mounting number of prisoners, it leads to an additional metal bunk being installed. In some places, under severe circumstances, there maybe 3 or 4 people stuffed in the same cell.

In most prisons, a system of high security is practiced. This is achieved by placing well-trained guards at all important posts and equipping them with proper arms and armor, constructing special rooms for the more troubling prisoners. In addition to this, further guards maybe positioned at glassed-off cubicles in observation blocks within each cell block. Such level of security, although beneficial, intimidates the prisoners and makes them feel even more caged up.

However, the worst part of prison life if the punishment for not obeying the officials or not following the rules. For even the slightest blunder, the prisoners are forced to face the much detested disciplinary action. Besides the sentence given by the officers, a new comer also has to deal with the brutalities of gang domination, which prove to be more severe and callous than the guards. In all, prison life these days, is being made a lot worse at the hands of the declining authority of the officials and the escalating influence of the gangs.