Prison & Jail – Not the Same Thing

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prisonandjailDespite there being a common thinking that jail and prison are similar, it should be noted at the beginning that jail and prison are two entirely different objects. There are lots of differences between them and this post will be helping you to figure them out.

Control Centre

The major difference between a jail and a prison is the fact that the jails are controlled by their respective counties and the prisons are controlled by the federal state.

Jail is basically a local thing such as a person when caught is taken to the locally operated place of incarceration. All the persons that are caught and are to be presented into the courts are placed in jails. Overall, there are nearly three and a half thousand jails in America.
Whereas, there are about only one hundred prisons in America and they may be quite far away from the local area of a person.

Difference in committing crimes

All the persons held in custody are kept in the jails and even the persons that have committed a minor crime are not sent to prisons but are rather kept in jails. This has been done after the new reforms had been introduced so that minor and major criminals do not get mixed up.


There is a lot of difference between the facilities provided in jails and prisons. As the person is not going to spend a lot of time in the jails so the facilities that are provided to him are not that much as compared to prison facilities.

Generally the jails provide the basic facilities such as food and safety to a person. They can also offer a work program to make up the needs of the person that are jailed. The jails that have less security offer more socialization for their inmates as the people in jails are mostly not big criminals.

The situation in the prison is quite different. The inmates are big criminals and they are generally not allowed to socialize. The socialization was banned due to a lot of rift in the prisons and it was assumed that it is better that these prisoners are kept in a lone atmosphere till they complete their punishment.


There is maximum security in the prisons as compared to jails. In the prisons many of the prisoners are the ones who are going to be convicted so it is better that security remains there. Also the prisons have execution place in them where the prisoner will be convicted. The way of conviction varies from prison to prison.

The aforementioned differences must be suitable enough for you to judge the differences between a prison and the jail, but above all these things, the facilities in the prisons are below average and the criminals are treated in a bad way. No matter what the crime is, the basic rights of a person should not be violated at any possible cost.