Prison Experiments – Stanford Prison Experiment

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The Stanford prison experiment was the study of psychological consequences of becoming a prison guard. The experiment took place in 1971 at Stanford University and from there the name was borrowed. Undergraduate students were made to play the role of prisoner and prison guard in the basement of Stanford psychology building. These students were selected because they had no crime history and medical disabilities. Their roles were assigned by tossing a coin.

These students were ready to play the roles knowing the fact that this could damage them psychologically. One third of the guards displayed brutal tendencies where as two prisoners had to be removed early because of being emotionally traumatized. Two guards had become disgusting and they were grossly absorbed.

The Stanford experiment was supposed to last for fourteen days but it was put to an end on August 20, 1971, only six days after it began. Shortly after the study had been completed, there were bloody revolts and the findings were reported to U.S. house committee on the Judiciary.