America’s Hardest Prisons

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r20x0up13arki0ccd5kl_thumbThe latest documentary buzz called “America’s hardest prisons” has been commended and acclaimed significantly, due to the fact that it reflects one of the most agonizing truths, i.e. the excruciating pain and suffering of criminals along with the brutality and the punishments which they undergo. The documentary presents an insight on the 6 toughest, cruelest and most daunting jails of America, which determined in their approach to imply the punishments rightfully, have become monstrous, and operating the extremes of gang inside America’s prisons.

‘America’s hardest prisons’ notifies the exact condition of those jails which are suffering from gang domination at the cost of regular patrolling. This supremacy is the main reason as to why the prisoners undergo that misery and suffering. The minute they step into the place, they are faced with such types of murderers, rapists, thieves and molesters, who set their feet down to form chains to shed the blood of those prisoners who are willing to get their lives back on track.

Prisons these days are being forcefully adapted to a new culture called ‘gang culture’ which strongly opposes the conventional culture of prison life. These systems of America’s prisons give us a whole new definition of jails, presenting us with a whole new layer of crime formed to engulf the layer of punishment. This documentary has gone beyond the limits to illustrate the specialization carried out by the gangs, along with their disreputable and notorious activities which maybe sometimes even too brutal to mention. They specify their long list of hard core elemental rules which are supported and maintained in the most narrow detention centers and penitentiaries with the help of a few low cost negotiations.

Some of the key points of the show called ‘America’s hardest prisons’ include certain compiled lists. For example, gang rape in the Shaw shank redemption in front of your eyes, prisoners hidden under grotesque conditions in Wyoming state penitentiary, causing irreversible injury to the anal with a fatal knife, overcrowding of prisoners in the Multnomah detention centre which strengthens the gang ties and most of all in all detention centers, gruesome violence, which you may have thought of but never would have seen.

Despite the negative influence that it implies, ‘America’s hardest prisons’ is still appraised and favored in view of the humanity and compassion that it displays , in the form of sarcastic pessimism which the public want to be aware of and they find the show as a source of witnessing the truth. The most amusing part of this irony is that the offenders and the saviors that are, the meanest ones and the toughest ones, tolerate each other just so the day would come when all the conviction would be unmasked and the societal goodness evicted.