Prison Reform

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changesThe main purpose of sending a person behind the bars is to let him feel guilty of the crime he has committed and make him a better person for the society. Though, it is the main aim of a prison, so far the prisons have failed to deliver what was required. The people who are sent into the lockups become criminals and as the years pass by, they become the head of crimes. So, when prisons are not delivering what was required from them, the alternatives to it are being considered seriously.

Age of the criminal

There has been a lot of study on the fact of providing alternatives to prison. The most important part of this situation is they should first consider the age of prisoner. Most of the prisoners that are sent to the lockups are teenagers who commit crime due to various reasons. They might commit crime due to their addiction to drugs or due to their poverty. This is the stage when the government has to play its role. Instead of sending a young boy to a lock up for one year, they should send him to a rehabilitation centre where his habit of taking drugs can be removed. It will also save the boy from learning more about crimes in the lockups as there are people who are pretty experts of crime, confined in the lockups.

Jails & Lock ups separated

The state must also separate lockups from jails. In the third world countries, the lockups and jails are the same and a young boy is kept in the same cell where a serial killer is kept. So they should treat the people according to their crimes.

Educate prisoners

Thirdly, education is very important. It is due to lack of education that teenagers adopt the crime field. So there should be a lot of investment in the education field so that young generation is not attracted to these things. It is the duty of state to let the teenager have a chance of joining the society as an honorable citizen.

New reforms need to be introduced to overcome the current imbalance. It is a fact that the community sentences have decreased the rate of crime in USA by 13 percent. Also the process of community sentence is not appreciated by many people as they like to see the offender get victimized. The civilized societies have started to think about the alternatives to prison. Public shaming can also be a better option as compared to these prisons that are centre of criminals. Overall, if we want to reform our society to bring prosperity in it, we should find at first the alternatives to prison so that the real power of nation is not destroyed.